About Us

We’re ordinary Aussie Muslims striving to educate and raise awareness about Islam and Muslims. Misconceptions and ignorance leads to discrimination and Islamophobia; why not change your perception and learn something new!

About Us

Muslims Down Under is a platform that is run by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Australia to encourage a call to action for everyday Aussies to strive against social injustices, through open dialogue and education.

Our platform aims to #ChangeTheNarrative one conversation at a time.

Injustice is the root cause of so many of society’s problems.

Raising awareness about social injustices that lead to discrimination, prejudice, and bias can build stronger, more resilient, and equitable communities. Engaging with everyday Aussies, community leaders, and prominent personalities we discuss issues affecting our society to encourage meaningful change and powerful impact.

Our website offers a diverse range of informative resourcesread our editorials, listen to our podcast or watch our videos; there’s something for everyone!

Through education and open conversation, we provide everyone an opportunity to engage with us in an effort to foster cohesion, remove ignorance and promote dialogue.

Take the opportunity to chat over a cuppa with one of our friendly volunteers and sign up for our Coffee and Islam service. Anyone in Australia can sign up to meet an Aussie Muslim either in person or virtually.

If you have questions, submit them through ourFAQ page, or browse through previously submitted questions.

You can also write for our blog – Have your say and share your knowledge, ideas, and opinions. Our blog is about providing you with open space for discussion and dialogue.

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Join our platform; help spread the word – Let everyone around you know.

Together we can achieve so much more!